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Introducing Ruby Sue


Welcome to My Ruby Sue!

This is the story of the creation of our teardrop trailer, the trials and tribulations of her build, and our adventures that (1)

The seed of Ruby Sue was planted in my brain many years ago when I was in fourth grade.  That was the summer my parents bought a camper that fit in the back of their pickup truck and we headed west as a family.  It was an unorthodox trip to say the least.  A year later, we did it again.  From that time forward, there was always a little voice in my head that whispered, “I want a camper.”

Decades later, the whisper started speaking loudly.  My husband pushed back against that voice over and over again.  He didn’t like campers, didn’t want a camper, had no use for a camper, wasn’t interested.  It was not going to happen.

photo (3)Well, it did.  The man loves me, so he built me a camper.  He became intrigued with the tiny little campers called teardrops.  It was a teardrop or nothing, so my little whisper voice started screaming, “yes,” and we embarked on a journey.  Together we drew, measured, sweated, cut and cursed our way to creating our little teardrop named, Ruby Sue.  Our eleven year old son helped us build our little house on wheels and the adventure (1) - Copy

This blog will take you through our build.  It will provide you with ideas and suggestions.  We will tell you what worked great and what didn’t, and you can join us in our travels.